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Innovations Wiki Spring 2009: On-Campus

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Innovations09 Instructions

Google Docs- SAMPLE

**When you create/ name your page, include the last names of your group members in the title**

*** Note: all members should compose and post information on the wiki. The "Page history" link tracks this.***


1) After the class presentation on the Due Date for each topic, go to the site and learn more about the innovation! Use the comments section for questions or professional comments. Then complete the Survey Feedback form on the bottom of the page.

2) After you complete your wiki page;

• Monitor the comments section for 48 hours to respond to questions/comments

• In the Innovations Assignment in WebCampus, download, complete and submit the "Innovations Mini-Teach Self-Peer Eval" form within one week after your due date. Submit as "yourlastname_SelfPeerEval"


Wikis: Pineda and Wilkins


BLOGS:Bahuman,Morris, Moynihan


Smart Board: Lightfoot, Robertson and Weghorst


Social Bookmarking:Arredondo,Cellini, Morimoto


Google Earth: Jones, Kraus, Washington


Voice Thread: Oakley and Calugay


Podcasting: Johnson and Sumanga


Screencasting:Petersen and Gelfand


Video Conferencing- Hernandez and Davis


WebQuests-Guches and Lynn


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