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Innovations09 Instructions

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**When you create/ name your page, include the last names of your group members in the title**

Information to be posted on your wiki page:


  1. Name of the innovation, your name(s), and the date

  2. What is it? (the innovation)

    • Explain what it is 
  3. History

    • How did it start
  4. How can it be used in the classroom

    • Ideas on for how to use it
  5. Resources for Future Learning

    • Provide 3-4 digital resources (URLs) such as tutorials, templates, software downloads, etc. which will assist classmates to independently learn the new technology at a later date
  6. Application to Future teaching

    • Provide 5-6 URLs that support classmates using the innovation for future teaching in a variety of situations (e.g., lessons, handouts, articles).

  7. Be sure to invite others to comment or ask questions about your Innovation wiki page.

  8. Be sure and include a link to the feedback survey.  Note, you can simply copy and paste this link in your page.


  • Note 1: You are not required to create and post a PowerPoint presentation on your wiki page.  Your wiki page IS the presentation of information on your innovation!

  • Note 2: While you will use other web sites as resources for information, you may not copy and paste their text word for word - that is plagiarism. Please re-state the information using your own words and list the site as a resource. (For more information see the UNLV Policy page.)   

  • Note 3: For any graphics or videos that you use on your site, please include the link for the resource.



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