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EDU 214E Preparing Teachers to Use Technology - Spring 2009 (Grove)


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On-Campus Class (Section 001)


Distance Education Class (Section 210)


This is the collaborative site for a course assignment in which students will work in small groups to learn about an innovative technology and then design and implement a mini-lesson on a wiki page to teach the rest of their classmates about their innovation.


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1.  Click on the "EDIT" tab at the top of this page and the "request access" link.

2.  When you receive the email message granting access, follow the link given in the email.

3.  Follow the link to begin your Wiki editing adventures!

 Free help:

1.  Learn how to use PBwiki:  The PBwiki Manual

2.  If you prefer video, watch a recording of our popular webinar:  PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.  
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Sandbox Page:

Here is a link to a page where you can explore and practice those basic skills!  Sandbox


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